Kabuto – Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Guide

Kabuto – Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Guide

Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

How to Transfer Pokémon from Red / Blue / Yellow to Sun & Moon | Pokémon Bank Guide

You can now transfer Pokémon from Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow over to Pokémon Sun & Moon on the 3DS! Alex is here to tell you how to transfer Pokémon using Pokémon Bank and Pokémon Transfer, which for some reason aren’t just a single app. Embark on a journey through gaming history with comprehensive pokemon game play online library.

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Catch Level 100 Nidoking before fighting Brock in Pokémon Red/Blue – A Wild Glitch Appears! #shorts

In the Pokémon Red and Blue for the Nintendo Game Boy, there is a weird glitch you can perform by executing a moderately simple yet oddly specific set of instructions. This glitch will allow you to obtain a Level 100 Nidoking before facing Brock at the Pewter City Gym.

This glitch works best if you start the game with Charmander. I suggest buying a few potions to make certain parts easier to set up, and definitely visit the Veridian City Pokemon Center because death warping to Veridian makes this glitch a lot easier.

First, make sure you only have a single Pokemon in your party, and that Pokemon needs to be poisoned, and it’s best if he has only 1 HP left. With these conditions met, save your game on the tile just below the space in front of the last trainer in Veridian Forest. Make sure you haven’t defeated that trainer yet. What needs to happen here is you need to get into a random encounter on the tile directly in front of that last trainer. If it doesn’t work, load up your save file until it happens.

When you get into a random battle in front of that particular trainer in Veridian Forest, allow the poison to KO your final (and only) Pokemon. When Ash (or in this case Roblox) blacks out, you should see the trainer with a “!” above his head before you respawn at Veridian Pokemon Center.

After respawning, head west of Veridian City and get into a fight with your rival Gary (or BedTime in this example). Lose this fight against your rival.

Now, head to the rectangular patch of grass north of Veridian City and get into a battle with a Level 3 Pidgey. Growl at this Pidgey six times, then run away.

Almost done. Head to Veridian Forest, and if you’ve done everything correctly, you should be met with a random bit of dialogue when you enter the forest, and suddenly you will be in a battle with a Level 1 Nidoking. Catch this Nidoking (and it may take a few PokeBalls…).

After catching him and naming him whatever you want, you can take a look at his stats and observe that his Exp is well over 700,000 and it has a weird symbol in front of it. This number actually represents a negative value. So! If you have him gain a minuscule amount of experience by splitting a fight with a Caterpie for example, his level will underflow to 100. Just make sure you don’t have him gain more than 59 experience I think?

Anyway, now you have a very buff Level 100 Nidoking in your party and you haven’t even been to Brock’s Gym yet!

Maybe I don’t need to mention this, but try to follow these steps as closely and exactly as you can without getting into random encounters when it’s not completely necessary.

This glitch doesn’t work in every Gen 1 game. There’s something similar you can do in Pokemon Yellow, but it works a little different – https://youtube.com/shorts/YyFxxCkM70I?feature=share

Special thanks to @A+Start for showcasing this glitch! – https://youtu.be/aA6H6sP8REE

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